Paolo Magaudda

Associate Professor

University of Padua- Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA)





Paolo Magaudda is Associate Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication, teaches the courses “Technology and Society” and “Sociology of Consumption” and coordinates the teaching programme of the PhD in Social Sciences.

His main research interests concern the relationship between society, culture and technology and in particular the use of technology in everyday life, the evolution of digital media, grassroots forms of innovation, technologies in the world of music and more recently the bicycle and cycling sector.

His most recent books include: ‘Platformed! How Streaming, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are Shaping Music Cultures” (Palgrave, 2024, with T. Bonini), “La musica nell’era digitale” (in italian, Il Mulino, 2023, with T. Bonini), “Youth People and The Smartphone” (with M. Drusian and C.M. Scarcelli, Palgrave, 2022), “Media Digitali” (in italian, with G. Balbi, Laterza, 2021); “Studi sociali sulla scienza e la tecnologia” (in italian, edited with F. Neresini, Il Mulino 2020) and “History of Digital Media: An Intermedia and Global Perspective” (with G. Balbi, Routledge, 2018).

In 2010 he co-founded and edited for more than a decade the open access journal “Tecnoscienza: the Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies” and is currently Co-editor-in-Chief of the journal “Studi Culturali” (Il Mulino). From 2013 to 2018 he was Secretary of STS Italia, the Italian Society for the Social Study of Science and Technology.

Recent Publications

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